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Truncate a Real to 2 decimal places

Discussion created by Avtar Singh on May 11, 2009
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I want to turncate a decimal to 2 decimal places. I am using Blaze Advisor 6.5


When using the truncate function in the Blaze Advisor tool, it gives me an error:


 Error: The 'Java:com.blazesoft.engines.rules.NdDefBuiltIns' class does not have any matching 'truncate' method.
There is no method with the name 'truncate' that accepts 2 parameters.


Blaze has a method called truncate which would only the decimal part but nothing like truncating the decimal to 2 places or something like that. 





num is a real initially 12.944444;



What I want is 12.94 only


Can someone plz help me on this?


Thanks in advance!