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Blaze Web Service Deployment WSDL

Discussion created by Yinchun Zhou on May 7, 2009
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I have a WSDL compatibility issue and need your help please...   


Background: The old Blaze application was build with Advisor 6.1. We generated EJB deployment and then wrap it by WebLogic workshop WebService. We are upgrading our Blaze application to be built in Blaze Advisor 6.6 and to run on WebLogic 10. We use Blaze Advisor to generate web service deployment that can be deployed to WebLogic 10.  The new Blaze web service works when testing with Soap UI.  


Problem: When integrating the new Blaze web service with our application, our application layer was getting null returns from Blaze calls. After some debugging I noticed the difference in the WSDL for the return values. Using method SMBPing as an example, under the invokeSMBPingResponse, our existing WSDL uses element name “invokeSMBPingResult” and the new Blaze generated WSDL uses element name “return”. Is there a way to tell Blaze to generate the WSDL that matches the existing format? 


WSDL from WebLogic workshop:     

<s:element name="invokeSMBPing">        <s:complexType>          <s:sequence>            <s:element minOccurs="0" name="msg" type="s:string" />          </s:sequence>        </s:complexType>      </s:element>      <s:element name="invokeSMBPingResponse">        <s:complexType>          <s:sequence>            <s:element minOccurs="0" name="invokeSMBPingResult" type="s:string" />          </s:sequence>        </s:complexType>      </s:element> 


WSDL created by Blaze     

<xs:element name="invokeSMBPing">        <xs:complexType>          <xs:sequence>            <xs:element name="arg0" type="xs:string" />          </xs:sequence>        </xs:complexType>      </xs:element>      <xs:element name="invokeSMBPingResponse">        <xs:complexType>          <xs:sequence>            <xs:element name="return" type="xs:string" />          </xs:sequence>        </xs:complexType>