General RMA project Questions

Discussion created by Spar on May 1, 2009
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I am interested in hearing about implementing and maintaining RMA project's.



1)Has there been much sucess in fully handing the rules egine developed

to business users?


2)Do you find that the business user are able to pick up using the

web interface easily?


3)Are you finding that new templates are needed and if so is this a regular



4)The web interface that is generated, is it effecient enough or do you find

that you make modifications often?


5)Overall, has it been more benefical to spend the extra time in creating an

RMA project to hand over to the business than having a developer create and

maintain the rules engine with the IDE?


6)Please feel free to share any pros/cons with RMA, or any other thoughts/experiences

that you would like to share.