Michael Meyer

Is anyone concerned with long term availability of qualified rules architects and developers?

Discussion created by Michael Meyer on Apr 7, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2009 by Mike Lantz

Our company has chosen Blaze Advisor as our corporate BRE standard.  Several small projects have been completed and are running in a production environment.  We are about to undertake a much larger project using Blaze Advisor as part of an effort to modernize a COBOL legacy system.  One of the reasons we are modernizing the system is that we are concerned about the ability to keep or hire COBOL developers in the future.  We see many advantages to externalizing business rules in Blaze but dont want to find ourselves in a worse position several years from now because we cant find qualified Blaze rules architects and developers. 


We are looking to find out from other Blaze Advisor customers who have been using the product for several years what their experience has been as far as the ability to find and keep rules architects and developers.  Have you been successful in training and retaining internal resources to fill these roles?  Do you find that there is an abundant pool of FICO and third party resources that can meet your needs?  Are you concerned that BREs will become a small specialized development platform with a shrinking pool of resources to develop and maintain applications?  If you have any of these concerns are there any strategies that you are employing to mitigate this risk?


Thanks in advance for any input that you can provide on this subject.