Jostein Ulseth

Text area in BA 6.5.3 (.Net) RMA

Discussion created by Jostein Ulseth on Mar 27, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by Andrei Palskoi



I have a case where the customer wishes to add larger pieces of text, such as general information, help texts, etc through the RMA.


Obviously, the default text box (input type text) generated for string value holders is not perfect for this, as everything is shown/entered on one line.


How would one go about to get a text area (with a configurable number of rows/cols) in the RMA? I have seen that this is built in in the 6.6 (Java) version. Is it possible/desirable to try and achieve this in a 6.5.3 (.Net) RMA, or should we just wait until the 6.6 version for .Net? And if so, how long should we expect to wait? (ballpark figure)