Avik Chatterjee

Nagging issue with RMA checkboxes - Urgent Help required!!!

Discussion created by Avik Chatterjee on Mar 18, 2009
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I'm doing a customised RMA with Blaze jsp tags. On one of the pages of my RMA I need to select from a list of available values progrmmed into my rule template as a valueholder having "0 or more" Count. It works just fine on the RMA page apart from one nagging issue - when the user deselcts all options the page comes back with the last list of selected options. The problem does not occur if we have atleast one option selected. Any ideas what might be going wrong?


<blaze:foreachAllowableValue path="availableOptions">

   <input type="checkbox" name="<blaze:name/>" value="<blaze:displayValue/>"   

                                    <blaze:ifIsSelected>checked</blaze:ifIsSelected> />