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editing values using prom api

Discussion created by Anuj Pandit on Mar 18, 2009
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I am currently using  RMA API to open an instance and set values to that instance. But with jsp's generated by Blaze RMA I wasn't able to locate a reference to look NdRmaInstance object without reestablishing a new connection.


I set values via rma api via statement:

NdInstanceElementNode[] listNodes;

listNodes = rmaInstance.getInstanceElementNodes();


NdInstanceElementNode[] ruleset = rmaInstance


rmaInstance.setNodeValue(vhRuleSetName, ruleSetName);


For Prom API, I tried to set values using but didn't work.


NdInstantiationElement[] elements = prominstance


NdInstantiationElement[] ruleset = elements[0]



NdInstantiationElement vhRuleSetName = ruleset[1];




Please provide me some examples with which I can set values in value holders in Instance using PROM API.


Also, Is there any where I can open NdRmaInstance using the connection setup by blaze jsp's.(It is opening a PromProject)



Anuj Pandit