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Problem with Code Samples with commonly used tasks

Discussion created by Kevin Jones on Mar 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by Kevin Jones

I'm using smartforms 6.5.5 and i'm attempting to use the "Dynamically Updating the List of Options in Single and Multi-choice components" code that came with 6.6 install.  (yes, i'm going to update to 6.6 as soon as my other post is resolved) : )


function updateListOfOptions(formInstance, originatingCompId)


the problem is here -> var paramDoc=formInstance.getInstance("smartform-parameters").getDocument();


This returns a null value even though I have a smartform-parameter.xml file for the form I'm using.  I'm sure the rest of the code works fine, but why would I be receiving a null value for a file that exists in my form directory.  Please HELP!!!