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How to improve Blaze Advisor 6.5 development effeciency with big repository

Discussion created by henry zheng on Feb 25, 2009
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I am working on a BRMS project which has over 30,000 rules so far. My machine is dual core (1.99 G/1.86G) cpu, 2G RAM, and takes at least 5 minutes to open the first simple function or project. Compilation in the IDE (builder) is so pain that it usually takes 15 minutes and no response during it. The BrUnit is a nightmare because of the compilation time. Even with a simple change on one function (I.e correct some typo), it take another 15 minutes to compile again. I am also developing java application at the same time, compare with Junit, BrUnit is so so slow that I even forgot the test case and purpose when I got the result 15 minutes later, because I can not keep watching a blank screen for 15 minutes and doing nothing, if I did that, my boss will kill me for sure.


The biggest problem of the Blaze Advisor 6.5 is compilation. It can only compile one time every launch, the second compilation will get outofmemory exception. Memory leaking is suspected. This a real disaster for Blaze developer. Had any Blaze deveoper working on big repository noticed that? I searched on this forum and found no complaint about it.


Am I the only Blaze developer that experience this pain? I tried to increase the heap size of builder.bat to 1280M and didn't see a lot improvement. The second compilation still caused outofmemory error. I am applying for 4G RAM for my machine now, not sure it will work or not and how many times it can compile before outofmemory. And the repository will keep growing at the same time.


Frankly, I am not very positive to get answer/solution about the above problem. Although Blaze Advisor 6.6 is coming, I don't see a lot improvement from 6.5.


Sorry for such a negative post, but it's true.


I look forward the answer and will check it.