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Deploying using Java Deployment - Very Urgent!!!

Discussion created by Avik Chatterjee on Feb 25, 2009
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I'm trying to integrate the blaze server and deployment manager into a spring based project. I generated the Java deployment and am using a function entry point. I was able to successfully start up the deployment manager at server start up by using the following modifications to the DManager.class code




 public void init() throws NdDeploymentManagerException


_dManager = NdDeploymentManager.createDeploymentManager("ChewieRMAServer.dmanager");




* Stops the deployment manager



 public void shutdown() throws NdDeploymentManagerException





However when I try to invoke the Rule Service through the Rule Server then I'm getting a class not found exception. The folowing is the extract for the aplication code which is in a Spring service class:


Server server = (Server) Server.createServer(serverConfig);

server.invokerulesetExecuter(ruleset.getRulesetName(), ruleServiceRequest, ruleServiceResponse);


The issue is that the Server class is being loaded with the weblogic default class loader. However when the Server.createServer method is trying to load the server class using a different class loader. On inspecting the dump I found the issue to be with the NdJava2ClassLoaderUtil.class which is getting loaded with sun's classloader. Is there anything I can do on Blaze so that all classes get loaded with the weblogic's class loader



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