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REg: Display on the RMA

Discussion created by archu kamat on Feb 11, 2009

Hii All,


i have created string provider(GROUP TEMPLATE) and included it in a valueholder called NAME. 

now i have also created one Template List which contains three Code template and in addition code template contains class property providers, which contains some values coming from BOM.


Similarly, i have created 10Template List and 10Code template and 10Class properties providers.


Now i want accordingly to the NAME change on the main page the Template List should Change and accordingly it related Code template and Class property providers.


I used the Conditional Block in the display section Saying if the NAME(valueholder) ="ABC" then TEMPList_A

but  the problem is that ABC is not fixed, it can be anything. (XYZ,PQR,.......................)


Is there any solution for the dynamism of Name?How to solve this problem


Please Help(URGENT)