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Need Help on Building SRL Expression using Templates

Question asked by dinesh.narahari on Jul 10, 2015
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I want to build SRL expression using template where in when one entity is selected using srl entities provider,

the class properties provider lists out the properties of the associated entiy, if i select a property of another class inside it,

i should get the properties of that property. Precisely, i should access the properties of a class which is inside other class.



For example,

<ValueHolder1 - I select Variable/Parameter of Class A(we use SRL entities provider here)>

<ValueHolder2 - I get List of Properties of Class A would populate here- When I select a Property of another Class B (we use class properties provider which gets argument from entity type provider)>

<ValueHolder3 - Dynamically Should list the Properties of Class B>





Any help would be appreciated.