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Issue with applying rulesets dynamically from functions - urgent help!!!

Discussion created by Avik Chatterjee on Feb 6, 2009
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I'm using the innovator to create a template which can spit out multiple rulesets via the customised RMA. I want the interfacing consumer application to pass the names of the rulesets to execute into the rule service. I was planning to use a function entry point with the function having an array of strings for the rulesetnames to be invoked. However from within the function I can't apply the rulesets using the apply command and the string holding the ruleset name as an operand. My function looks somewhat like this:


for each string  in rulesetNames do{
  apply it(request,response) 


rulesetNames, request and response are the 3 parameters my application will pass to the rule service.


I'm getting an error saying there is no function called "it" decalred. My question is how can I dynamically apply the rulesets based on the string of names of the rulesets passed from the application. Maybe I'm missing something very basic. Any help will be appreciated.




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