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Staging/deployment best practice question

Discussion created by Jostein Ulseth on Feb 1, 2009
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We are working on a solution where the rules will be maintained by business people exclusively, and where the rules will be updated outside of application release cycles. The rules sources will be stored in an SCM, probably CVS. The rules services should not be updated until the business people are satisfied that changes to the rules will not break the system, i.e. there will be staging involved. 


We have seen short descriptions on how staging/etc is possible in rules systems, but we have not found more than high level descriptions on the subject. 


What would be the best way to implement such a scenario? At least three servers/environments (development, testing, production), automatically updating the development environment from a CVS server as business people maintain the rules using an RMA, pushing updates from development to test (and from there to production). 


The process(es) involved should as far as possible be controlled/controllable by the business people, so that they can controll the life cycle of their rules without technical assistance. 


Advice, pointers, etc greatly appreciated.