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Setting Form Parameter Values in SmartForms

Discussion created by Kevin Jones on Jan 21, 2009
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I'm having some trouble pulling in a parameter list when previewing my form.  I'm getting the following:  ERROR : Generation of the form 'sfHomeHealth' failed due to errors, root cause 'Unable to find form parameter 'CallerTypeList' referred in custom fill for component 'CallerType''


I have the Value List in the CPE set to Parameter, with the name "CallerTypeList".  Blaze didn't generate the smartforms-parameters.xml file in <ADVISOR-HOME>\sfwork\application\<formName> for me, so I created it out of the example in the documentation.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<sf:smileytongue:arameters xmlns:html="" xmlns:myObj="urn:Inquiry"
xmlns:xforms="" xmlns:xsd="">
<sf:smileytongue:arameter sf:dataType="" sf:name="CallerTypeList" sf:smileytongue:ositionCode="-1"
<item><label>Certified Home Health Agency</label><value>CHHA</value></item>


Wasn't sure if I was supposed to change the xmlns:myObj="urn:my-object" to my Document Type or not, so I tried it both ways with the same result. 


Hope someone can help!