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Advanced filtering/content extraction

Discussion created by Jostein Ulseth on Jan 13, 2009
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I have a situation where it would be useful to implement/maintain several rules regarding an area in one place (RMA), but where not all rules are relevant in every context (different rule services).


Is it at all possible to deploy several rule services based on the same rulesets, and use filtering/extraction to limit the rules that are "selected"/included in the rulesets? I.e. that the rules in a ruleset in a deployed rule service is a subset of the number of rules found in the "real" ruleset in the RMA?


The point of this is obviously to reduce the size of the deployed service/the RETE tree.


Any suggestions on how this might be solved would be most welcome






PS: One of the main selling points is centralised maintenance, which implies overview, control, etc.  This means that breaking the rules up into rulesets is difficult, at least as I see it.