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Does the BlazeAdvisor's BRMS meet the business requirements?

Discussion created by Mohamed Riyaz on Jan 13, 2009
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My firm wanted the best BRMS tool satisfying the minimum business requirements listed below.


Does the BlazeAdvisor meet the below requirements?

1) The rule creator should be allowed to define scores or rating  for each criteria in the rule. As well as defining threshold on each risk profile or global threshold for particular risk profile group (for example if risk profile has score 80 and risk profile threshold is 70 ,then fire this risk profile , also for global threshold, it means fire all the risk profiles that scored 70 or more)


2) Does the BlazeAdvisor allow  simple and advanced criteria rules creation (Basic Operators - AND OR NOT = > <), (Percentage), (Advanced Operators 'like' 'notlike' 'between' 'Soundex'  , nested conditions, use of parenthesis to group conditions , aggregrate functions (AVG , sum , count , max , min , etc...) , IN operator , regular expressions


3) Does this solution allow the business users to run simple and advanced search including wildcard characters, 'like', 'not', 'between'. Also ability to search archived risk profiles


4) UI Requriements

Easy to use interfaces for developers and business analysts
* Drop down lists for operators
* UI to navigate all the business object structure (nested elements)
* Allows the user to choose the literals (for example country) from a drop down list that is database bound
* Can understand attributes of the business object (XML schema driven restrictions, for example , for date elements , a date picker control should be displayed on the right hand side of the risk profile criteria, also validation on the user input , for example if a field is restricted to 3 characters only , then the right hand side should support this restriction)
* Does the solution provide the different visualization of UI according the user's roles/privileges"


5) Does the system support predictive modeling from the past rules being analyzed.


6) Business users should be able to create user defined reports


7) Does the system provide user interface templates for rules creation. Can the user define templates for rules creation?


8) Necessary reports should be available to review the testing results 




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