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NdServiceException from BA 6.5.3 .Net, but not reproducible in brUnit

Discussion created by Jostein Ulseth on Jan 6, 2009
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"Fun" problem: I have a service that I call with some XML input (as a string). When calling this from the application, I get an NdServiceException back. It is, as always, difficult to tell why these appear, but digging down into the internals of the exception seem to identify an NdValueException.


Here is my problem: I copy the exact message sent to the service, load it up in an brUnit test, and try to run it. And it works.


I've spent a couple of days on this problem now, and I could really use some tips on how to investigate this further. The next thing for me is to slowly dissect my service (pick pieces out until it "works" ). That will take some time, as this is a rather large service, so I figured I could try here as well.


Thanks in advance!





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