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Command Line automation

Discussion created by Indrajeet Patil on Nov 17, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2008 by Jeff Smith

We use Blaze Advisor Builder 6.5.3 for .NET. and frequently (about thrice a week) need to compile rules received from our business group into an .adb file.
For that we need to perform the following steps in the Blaze Advisor user interface:
1. Create a new File Repository (BVS private workspace). Due to some constraint, we always need to create a new repository and not use an existing one.
2. Provide all the details like Local Folder and Repository locations, User name and password.
3. UPDATE the newly created Local Folder.
4. PreCompile
4. Compile using "NdAdvisorProjectCompiler".


We have kind of automated step#5 by using command line.
We are looking forward to automate steps# 1-4.


I guess the best bet would be NdRomAdminUtil. However, I am not sure.


Please suggest the best way to automate.