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[BA 6.5.3 for .Net] "Native compilation of [ruleset name] failed" for Optimized Inference

Discussion created by Jostein Ulseth on Oct 21, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2008 by Jostein Ulseth

We have a ruleset template that works fine in default mode, but that, when changed to Optimized Inference, causes the instances to fail compilation with the following message:



Native compilation of [ruleset name] failed.

Failed to compile class '[ruleset name]_aRuleSet_mc[first param type]c[second param type]_EvaluatorImpl'.

Native compilation error: VJS1223 Cannot find method '_evaluateActions198(NdEvaluationContext, NdModifiableIndexedCollection, NdValueException, NdObject, NdValueException, [reference to advisor generated native code, globals], NativeFrame)


(the last two lines are  repeated, with method names _evaluateActions199, _evaluateActions200 and _evaluateActions201)


I have tried to reproduce the exact circumstances for this error, but this does not occur for small instances (few rules). It is difficult to pinpoint for the production rulesets, as these are becoming quite large...  


Also note that the rules are quite uniform, i.e. no new constructs/condition types are added as the rulebase grows.


Any ideas on what might be wrong here would be greatly appreciated.