Irene Wong-Bushby

Merging Blaze Rules From a CVS Branch

Discussion created by Irene Wong-Bushby on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2008 by Lincoln Porter

We have been able to set up Blaze Advisor to work with CVS Branches so we can support parallel development.  (It took a bit of work with FI support. The steps are documented in detail for anyone who is interested.)


The next phase of our work is to figure out how to merge the changes in a CVS Branch back into the HEAD. There are two approaches that come to mind:

a) Manually recode the changes, file by file, back into the HEAD when the Branch is deployed

b) Use FI Import to replace the HEAD with the code in the Branch. Hypothetically, the steps would be:  i) Export the modified project(s) into a zip file from the Branch; ii) Check out the modified project(s) in the HEAD, and import the zip file from the Branch; iii) Check in the changes.


The benefit of b) is elimination of duplicate coding (in the Branch, and then again in the HEAD). Clearly this reduces risk of propagation errors.


Questions:  i) Does b) sound like it should work?  ii) Are there better ways to merge?