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Rule trace, including fired rules and deducted attributes

Discussion created by Philip de Lang on Oct 16, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by Andrei Palskoi

I am working on a rule trace monitor, that should return the name of the rules that are fired and per fired rule a path (xpath) to the element that is touched (we are using the XML bom).  I found an example in Java that does return rule names, using NdRuleEvent. I cannot find out how I can retrieve the path to the touched element though .


An exampe of an XML bom would be:














If I have a rule called 'ascertain_age":


if (true)



    person.age = 40. 


that deducts the value of jane's age (because the path to joe's partner is set in the ruleflow) , the rule trace should include 'ascertain_age' and '\Dossier\Person\Marriage\Person\age'. I can get 'ascertain_age' from the rule trace, but I do not know how to get the path to the touched element. Does anybody know how to get this working?


Thanks in advance.