Krishnam Raju Penmetsa

Blaze Advisor 6.5.3 .Net Deployment com/blazesoft/util/ Resource Bundle Not found

Discussion created by Krishnam Raju Penmetsa on Oct 3, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2008 by Teri Tassara

We have generated the .net deployment from Blaze Advisor. It ran successfully on the same machine where Blaze Advisor is installed but it is throwing the below exception when trying to run on another machine where Blaze is not installed.


Cannot find com/blazesoft/util/
Resource Bundle not Found
   at com.blazesoft.server.config.NdServerConfigLoader.getDefaultServerConfig
der(NdClassLoadingContext classLoadingContext)
   at com.blazesoft.server.local.NdLocalServer.getConfig(String configFileNam
Object[] constructorArgs, NdClassLoadingContext classLoadingContext)
   at com.blazesoft.server.local.NdLocalServer.createServer(String configFile
   at ecsrules.Runner.runExample(String[] args) in D:\Testing\Testing1\Runner
:line 73


Thanks in advance.

Will appriciate quick response.