Kathleen Barrett

Can your repository be too big?

Discussion created by Kathleen Barrett on Sep 29, 2008
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by Gaurav Tamhankar

We have a pretty large repository (Blaze java 6.5.3) that is maintained through the RMA.


Here are the statistics:


  - 5,000 rules

  - 120 instance files

  - 9 Rules Projects

  - 17,000 rows in the repository database (equates to 18mb file-based repository)


Performance from a rules maintenance perspective is satisfactory, not great.  Execution performance is still very good.


How does this compare with other large blaze applications out there? 


As we continue to grow I'm wondering if we should start thinking about splitting our application up into multiple repositories.  What are the pros/cons?