Joe Garrity

Rule of Thumb: Magic Number of Rules

Discussion created by Joe Garrity on Sep 26, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by Don Tallo

For any potential rule implementation, I am often asked... is there a magic number of rules which should be considered before implementing in Blaze?


Of course these questions usually come from the technical areas,  where there is more interest in any impacts to performance, perceived overhead, etc. I always try to not to answer this question with a definitive number, since from my perspective it  depends on several other factors.  If we based our use of Blaze on this number, the first project we chose to implement with Blaze, would not have ever happened.  Sine you always want to start with a small / non mission-critical project in order to gain the experience you need for larger implementations.


 I am curious how other companies have dealt with these type of questions, epically if you are trying to expand the use of a Business Rules Engine in your company.