Teri Tassara

Metaphor Applet Errors on Client Machines

Discussion created by Teri Tassara on Sep 23, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2011 by Ramakrishnan Manickam

Q. I am trying a .net version of a sample, and having a problem with the rule maintenance application. This has happened on a couple of machines. On my machine, the metaphors display correctly, but when i deploy it to another machine, any page that displays a metaphor applet gets an error:


exception com.ms.vjsharp.lang.ThrowableWrapper occurred  in j# browser control


I of course have rebuilt the RMA, rebooted, reinstalled, etc. All of the non-applet constructs work fine. Any idea how to fix it?


A. This is related to the security settings on the client machine.   Please see the section entitled "Adjusting the Security Settings in the .NET Configuration" in the InstallationAndSetup.pdf.