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NullPointerException while evaluating executeAgent()

Question asked by Manish Mishra on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by riyan.marge


i am very new to this tool. just started with the example which is given in the tutorial along with the Advisor 7.2 documents. after running the rule project i am getting this in console:

com.blazesoft.engines.rules.NdEvaluationException: Call to 'executeAgent' failed while evaluating "executeAgent()" in function main


  at com.blazesoft.engines.flow.WjHBYgF.WjHGPWR(:135)

  at com.blazesoft.engines.flow.WjHGQLV.WjHGQKU(:212)

  at com.blazesoft.engines.flow.WjHGQLV.WjHUouC(:146)

  at com.blazesoft.engines.flow.WjHByQO.WjHUotB(:931)

  at com.blazesoft.engines.flow.WjHByQO.accept(:1011)



I have created  new repository/workspace and project and running function (below is the code snippet)


main function ::


newApp is a CardApplicant initially{

annualAirlineTrips = 6.

creditHistory = "Good".

income = 38000.

isMarried = true.

mosInCurrentJob = 12.

recommendedCard = null.

rollingOverBalances = true.

spousalIncome = 41000.




if newApp.recommendedCard is not null

then print("You are eligible for a " newApp's recommendedCard " card and you will receive a " newApp's gift".").

else print("You are not eligible for a card at this time. Please contact one of our representatives.").