Error on java console after clicking on Scoremodel with multliple rows.

Discussion created by on Sep 3, 2014

The issue is with the rendering of grid in Scoremodel,

When we expand the scoreModel and if it has only one row it is working fine but if it has more then one row it is not able to expand it fast.


We also got the following error on java console when we click on Scoremodel with multliple rows.


Caused by: com.blazesoft.util.NdWrappedRuntimeException: Error loading the factory class for regular expression support

Class 'com.blazesoft.patterns.oro.NdORONativeRegularExpressionSupportFactory' could not be found. Please verify it is on the classpath.

at com.blazesoft.patterns.NdRegularExpression.<init>(:83)

at com.blazesoft.patterns.NdRegularExpression.<init>(:59)

at com.blazesoft.template.metaphor.NdRangeTableCellRenderingInfo.<clinit>(:56)

... 56 more


Although this class is present in lib folder, it is giving this error, we are trying to figure-out how to make this class available for scoremodel.

Below is the configuration details:

1) Blaze advisor 6.8

2) JDK version: 1.6_30

3) IE version: 8,9

Any help would be appreciated.