FICO Blaze Install on a .NET 4.5 machine

Discussion created by on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by Dan Covaliu

I tried installing FICO Blaze Advisor 6.10 on my machine which has .NET 4.5 installed on it. I could install it but I was not able to create a new file repository. My colleagues who has .NET 4.0 installed they did not face the issue.


The error was - Error Creating Session: /virtualinstanceeditor

Error log:


Exception logged on Mon Aug 11 13:57:09 CDT 2014:

  1. com.blazesoft.util.NdWrappedRuntimeException:
  2. com.blazesoft.web.NdWebApplicationSessionException: Error creating session for : /visualinstanceeditor

   at com.blazesoft.web.dotnet._NdA.C()

   at com.blazesoft.devtools.rules.NdDevVisualInstanceEditorPane.<init>(NdWebApplicationContext A_0, NdAdvisorBuilderContext A_1, NdInstantiation A_2, _NdB A_3, String A_4, Boolean A_5)

   at com.blazesoft.devtools.iwb.NdDevRepositoryCreationDialog.E()


Does anyone know the resolution for this?