Project documentation in BA - Rule Service Report

Discussion created by on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2014 by Jeremy Chen

Do you use Rule Service Report for documentation of projects in Blaze Advisor ? I created small project in order to test capabilities of documentation.


Here is what I think is wrong / broken (using latest trial version of BA):

  • comments for classes are not shown in output
  • there is no way how to get to details of subflow task from ruleflow documentation (there is not even a name of this subflow, just task name)
  • cannot reference ruleflows using @see and {@link name} tags
  • comments for ruleflow are not shown
  • in output for ruleflow documentation, tasks are without any sort
  • comments for tasks are not shown

Most of these look more like bugs, but it makes the whole tool pretty much useless.


The only positives I see:

  • ruleset documentation, because you can use placeholders in comments
  • custom HTML can be used


I thought I can use rule service report for project documentation - it would be the most preferred way as comments are close to code and the whole thing can be a little dynamic. But now I am confused:

  • how do you use rule service report do deliver complete documentation?
  • are there any other tools I could use for this (not looking for answer "use MS Word" )?