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Excel Uplaod Issue using multiple String formats(Urgent Help Required)

Discussion created by Venkat Ravipati on Sep 26, 2013
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Hi ,


I am using a Decision table in which one of the condition column is using multiple formats for real and 3 formats for string to be used .

The 3 string formats are like


1)"Equal to String"

2)"Not Equals to String using AND operator"

3)"Not Equals to String using OR operator"


All the three formats use a Type values value holder with 1 or more count.

So ,the display is coming same for all these 3 in the DT and after exporting it to an excel sheet , all the formats appear same and hence after uploading it back to the DT it is taking the first format available in the string formats and applying to all the rows .


Please provide a solution ASAP .


Thanks in Advance!