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Blaze Advisor 7.1 RAM requirements.

Discussion created by Sunil Katti on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by Bharat Kumar

Hi all,

I am working on BA 7.1 with eclipse indigo. My CPU usage jumps up to 100% as soon as I open eclipse and hovers around it till I close eclipse. The 'progress' status clearly shows BA doing something like 'Validating links'.. etc.

I am having 3GB RAM on my machine with 2.5 Ghz processor. I am now wondering if that is inadequate. If anyone can post information regarding the appropriate RAM size for BA 7.1 it would be of greatly appreciated.


P.S.: Found out just now that the CPU usage doesnt jump (to 100%) when I am using eclipse helios. Must be something with my eclipse indigo then. Nevertheless it would help knowing the real RAM requirements.


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