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How-TO trigger rules for a two level of collection?

Discussion created by remy perisse on Apr 16, 2013
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Dear All,


I have a object (Obj1) which has a attribute (attr1) which is an array of Obj2

Obj2 has also an attribute (attr2) which is an array of Obj3. Obj3 has a string attribute attr3.


In my ruleset I have a pattern  AnyObj2 initialized with the collection Obj1.attr1


I'm able to create rule like


If AnyObj2.Attrxx= "Test" and at least 1 Obj3 in AnyObj2.Attr2 satisfies attr3="Yes" Then ...

But  this rule will be fired only for each obj2 of the pattern AnyObj02. My expectation is to fire the rule for each Obj2 and Obj3 that satisfy the condition. Also I would like to use the action part Obj3.attr3 to create a message. How To do That?