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Interactive rule Service Question

Discussion created by Kapil Mehta on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by inian.kamaraju@tcs.com

I am using Blaze 6.8 java  version.
I have a requirement wherein inside blaze rule service I want to capture the data which is missing inside request.The missing data is to be provided by a consumer application which is buit in .net framework.

I have created an interactive rule service and tried to use event rule mechanisim provided by Blaze which can ask for missing data on console(command propmt).


My question is that is it possible that my rule service(implemented in java based blaze)  can interact with the .Net consumer application for asking the missing data.


Does anybody has faced similar kind of situation.Please let me know any pointers for above.


Thanks in advance