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Using Oracle for storing roles and permissions

Discussion created by Baljeet Singh on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by Andrei Palskoi

Hi - I am trying to use the Roles and permissions feature of the RMA (BA 7.1.1) by storing the users, roles and permissions in Oracle database instead of HSQL database.


Per the documentation, I made the following changes:

1. Generated DB Scripts and created the tables in Oracle database

2. Ran the seed data sql scripts to populate the tables with "admin" user and other basic information

3. Updated to point to the oracle database

4. updated applicationContext.xml and specified the schema

5. Placed the ojdbc6.jar in the WEB-INF/lib folder


I have triple verified the database connection parameters and all parameters are correct. I even used the same properties file from a java program and ran a simple query it worked fine.


When I run the RMA and try to login using admin user, I get "Database connection could not be opened". 


If I revert back to the HSQL settings in the file, the RMA works fine.


There is no information in the tomcat log file which could tell me why database connection could not be opened. I am running the RMA through tomcat started from Eclipse IDE.


I have spent my entire day figuring this out, but of no use...any help will be appreciated.


Using Blaze Advisor 7.1.1


Oracle 11g