Praneeth Jonna

RMA with BVS shared repository Login issues

Discussion created by Praneeth Jonna on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by Andreas Nilsen

I just got started with Blaze RMA. We have a BVS Shared Repository using it with .NET. 

I deployed the RMA application on my local host. I have a local workspace and the respository is located in the shared drive which is accesible to me via ways either through UNC path (//server01/Blaze/repository) or Mapped network drive Z:/Blaze/Repository.  When creating workspace i used Mapped network.  


Issue: when login in via RMA web application with my username. It throws out an exception  


Failed to construct instance of class 'com.blazesoft.repository.generic.version.NdNativeVersioningSystemVersionManager'. Exception while constructing repository of class 'com.blazesoft.repository.file.NdFileRepository': java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Could not find repository folder 'Z:/Blaze/Repository'


I know it can't connect to that repository. But how do make it work. its deployed on IIS. My credentials has full access to that drive. 


I looked aroung the community to find another similar problem