Question for Southern CA Members Here

Blog Post created by mholzer on Dec 16, 2015

I have recently been hit with ATM fraud losses from LA--in normal pattern as always--The ONLY thing a few of my members have in common is that they used a gas station and the Terminal ID all came back same terminal ID. One of my wonderful detectives when there today to inspect the pumps. He stated when he asked the Manager about the Terminal ID and which pump it was associated with the manager claimed that his station had just the one terminal ID that verified ALL THE terminals with this station have at least 6 pumps. I have never heard of this before---my detective did his inspection found nothing BUT when I asked about the inside that one was not inspected. The manager of the station was trying to place blame on him just changing processors. As I  told my Detective one of my members only used that pump once 11/13/15 and with my latest using the pump yesterday 12/15/15 and ATM fraud early this morning out of LA. SO putting this out there for anyone in the San Diego CA area experiencing ATM fraud out of LA ect ------did any of your members utilized this station with any recent ATM fraud you are having recently.




TERMNAL ID    LK267808



5345 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA 92123