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I need to transfer a lot of rules from an old (non-FICO) legacy platform into FICO.    It will be prohibitive to try and set all these up by hand.    I would like to see if I can build a transformation engine that will take the rules out of the old system and translate them to write out FSML that can then be imported.     But, I cannot find any… (Show more)
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Hello! I have a problem and I hope someone can help me. I have a 2-dimensional array in Excel and I load it to Xpress IVE optimisation suite as integer values or as strings (code below uses integer). However in a separate file I write some functions and I need this data in the linctr datatype. Till so far, this does not work. Does anybody know… (Show more)
Why does this result in an error message (Syntax Error before ")")?   procedure sInitialise() declarations end-declarations   initializations from "mmsheet.excel:Dataset.xlsx" mFracRet as "noindex;[Sheet1$D103:H105]" end-initializations initializations from "mmsheet.excel:Configurations.xlsx" mConfiguration as… (Show more)
I'm trying to solve a VRP-model and I receive "Error 101 Incompatible types for operator ('set of integer' * 'mpvar' not defined)" when I try to run, and I have no idea how to solve this. The error is located at this line:   Obj := sum(vv in Vessels, rr in Routes) C(vv,rr)*x(vv,rr);   where: Vessels := 1..2; Routes := 1..132;  and declared as… (Show more)
I am upgrading an application to Blaze Advisor 7.4 and deploying both an RMA and Rule Service to JBoss EAP 6.4.  I am encountering the following warning upon startup of the server with the RMA deployed.  I believe the important sections of the exception stack are highlighted below where the coded annotation for the WSDL Location of the… (Show more)
Hi all,   Can I ask where in the RMA web application is having references to ProjectConfiguration.xml and processing the content.   This is because I would like to have 2 different ProjectConfiguration.xml files with different exclusion folder contents and depending on the user login, set to use either of the XML.   Thank you.   With Regards,… (Show more)
Hi, I tried several times to install Xpress Optimization (Community License) on my Windows 10 machine. At the end of istallation, it always shows the message "Failed to create new ssh key for Mosel Server. Someone knows how to solve the problem? I noticed that my sistem is "32-bit operative system, x64bit based processor". I think the problem is… (Show more)
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