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How do I get the size/length of a fixed_array_of_string? In a code template I need to know if the size is greater than 0. I have tried various combinations of length and size properties. My "appeals on this line" is an array of string. For example: _line.appealsOnThisLine.size > 0 = true (keep getting some variation of size/length/method not a… (Show more)
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I downloaded a trial version of Blaze Advisor and attempted to install it on a number of different computers to no avail.  One of the computers is running Blaze Advisor .NET 6.10.  Here are the types of OS's, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.    I believe I installed this app with all of the prerequisites… (Show more)
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In a Branch and Benders Cut algorithm implemented in c++ with BCL, I would like to define the optimal value of each integer node according to the optimal objective value of the subproblems. Any suggestion how can I set these values? Thank you!
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I have moved a project from Dev Repo to BVS using Publish feature and made changes in WAR file, this Project can be viewed in RMA. When I am trying to generate ADB (from BVS Repo) it says "could not find valid user ID for versioning". can anybody tell me what the problem is ?    
I have a MIP model written in Xpress-Mosel. I set   setparam("xprs_verbose",true)   to get the MIP log from the solver. How can I save this log to a file at runtime, while also seeing the output on the command prompt?
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