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Hi, I have been assigned a java project where adv, dbcp, flow, jcp, rb files are used. It has been said that the project will be upgraded with new version of Blaze Advisor(7.4) . Currently old version of Blaze Advisor is being used in that project basically it calls the NdStatelessEjbServerBean.   I am new to that project and don't know the… (Show more)
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I get this error when I try to optimise the model. Everything up until this point works perfectly but for some reason Xpress refuses to recognise my constraints as being constraints and gives me a message "Error E-1101 - Empty Problem"   I've looked up the error in the reference manual it says - "We are trying to generate or load an empty problem… (Show more)
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Currently we have Blaze Advisor6.1.7 and planning to move to Blaze Advisor 7.3 version.. can we use these export advisor project files in Blaze Advisor 7.3??   Please suggest us..   Appreciate your support & assistance in this regards!   Thanks & Regards   Ramesh Munagala
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Xpress Optimization Suite Academic Partnership Program   1. Academic Institutions   Please register for our Academic Partnership Program (APP) which provides full licenses of Xpress free-of-charge.   *Need to renew your APP membership? Click here. 2. Students   If you are studying for a recognized qualification, you can download a free…
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I am upgrading an application to Blaze Advisor 7.4 and deploying both an RMA and Rule Service to JBoss EAP 6.4.  I am encountering the following warning upon startup of the server with the RMA deployed.  I believe the important sections of the exception stack are highlighted below where the coded annotation for the WSDL Location of the… (Show more)
In our project we are using GIT-HUB as a central repository and Fico Blaze 7.2 with Eclipse Indigo. Can we store all the rule ,decision table etc in GIT-HUB?
Hello,   I am using Blaze Advisor 6.1 in my project. I have the blaze code placed in one drive. I copied the complete code in my c drive. As we are using BVS private workspace so we are also providing our credentails in com_blazesoft_repository_config.cfg. When I am trying to connect to that repository folder, It is throwing an error:  … (Show more)
Hi, In the Xpress-optimizer documentation, there is a NODESELECTION parameter and a BACKTRACK parameter. I want to understand the difference between them. Thanks a lot!
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