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Wherever there’s data, there’s a story to be told. I was browsing Kaggle for a dataset to analyze for a webinar (you can watch it here if you’re a member of WITI), and I came across this HR Attrition dataset. I’m used to the world of credit risk and lending scores, so the prospect of analyzing employee data piqued my interest as something… (Show more)
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Christopher Matthews
Hi.   Attempting to upgrade from 6.10 to 7.3   We call into Blaze using the NdStatelessServer:   ruleServer.invokeService("ruleProject", "invocationPoint", null, args);   The operative thing here is 'args'.   args is an Object array (Object[])   In that array, we pass in only a single element:                       DocumentBuilderFactory… (Show more)
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文档中说executeAgent() 函数是告诉规则引擎去触发规则流,如果在项目中有很多的规则流,那么它如何知道要触发哪条规则流?如果没有规则流,只有规则集,那应该怎样实现?     谢谢!
Andrew Flint
As you code up brilliant solutions to data science problems in your notebooks, you might encounter some gotchas, error messages and other forms of turbulence. This guide might help you find quick resolution to some commonly observed problems. Please feel free to add to it!     Title Primary Symptom Meaning / Likely Explanation Resolution…
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Andrew Flint
On occasion, you may see that a paragraph refuses to run, and instead gives you this rather grudging error message: Connection refused (Connection refused)   Generally, we see this happen when a notebook's interpreter (usually a Scala, Pyspark or SQL interpreter) has simply fallen over. The poor thing got all tuckered… (Show more)
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With Decision Modeler 2.1, you can create a new scorecard and a reason code list without having to import a PMML model or upload a Blaze Advisor project. The Scorecard editor’s sleek new interface makes it easy to create a scorecard and to associate a reason code list.   Enhancements to the Scorecard editor allow you to set options for… (Show more)
I have on error when implement on windows server 2008 r2 64 Bits and appication with Framework4 64.   Server was unable to process request. ---> The type initializer for 'com.blazesoft.server.config.NdServerConfigLoader' threw an exception. ---> Unable to load DLL 'vjsnativ': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT:… (Show more)
Hi,   I am trying to implement a decision table and I would like to know if we can specify multiple values in a cell.   Something like below: Payer Payee Payer Country Payee Country Transaction Decision A,B C US,UK JP,BR Approved C,E A,F JP,IN,US AR,CR,UK Deny A,D C,F FR,FI IN,US Approved   Here what I am looking for is instead of adding many… (Show more)
Hi,   I am trying to implement a solution where based on my electric consumption(input to the Blaze solution), I need to provide the Usage Charges. The Usage Charges is calculated in the Step Rate method as follows: For first <Step1 quantity> charge at <Step1 rate per KW> : For first 100 KW charge at $.15 per KW For next <Step2 quantity>… (Show more)
Hi ,   I have a question around versioning system on repository Does repository needs to be re-created if needed to switch from clearcase to subversion versioning system? Thanks, Rakesh.
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