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Binning allows the grouping of any outlier with its neighbors in order to minimize its impact. For continuous predictors, an observation with an extremely high value will be treated as all other observations contained in the highest bin. Likewise, an observation with an extremely low value will be grouped into the lowest bin, and will be less… (Show more)
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Hi,   Blaze 7.3 need Eclipse Luna with Oracle's JDK 1.8. What about if I am working on WebSphere using RAD with IBM's JDK.   Can I use Blaze 7.3 in RAD with IBM JDK 1.7?   IF NOT....   What are the implications of using Blaze 7.3 with Oracle's JDK 1.8 where as my rest of the project is using IBM's JDK 1.7?         Thanks Imran
I am able to create both a statelessServer and a regular (stateful?) server. Is there a difference between the two? I do not see a noticeable difference in performance and nothing seems have broken on my end.   NdStatelessServer.createStatelessServer(serverConfigLocation); NdStatelessServer.createServer(serverConfigLocation);
We have a Repository created in BLAZE Advisor for Eclipse (JAVA). However, we would like to develop a .NET DLL that can be used to connect and execute the exposed entry points.   Is this at all possible? We also looked at the .NET version of BLAZE in Visual Studio, however, this lacks the SVN support which is required and the approval processes… (Show more)
Hi, I'm using Blaze advisor version 6.9 and i receiving the exception below:   [9/19/16 14:35:58:754 BRT] 00000045 SystemErr R com.blazesoft.objects.base.NdIllegalReturnValueException: Cannot convert a value of type 'ficoedm.proposal.Collateral' to an Advisor value of type 'ficoedm.proposal.Collateral' from the 'Java' class provider.  … (Show more)
Do we have any standard rules available as framework/suite/package? I am looking for Commissions and Fees rules for Annuity Products, if they are available as a standard suite/framework offering.
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I have tried it with this template: But when I generate instance, I get this: Is it possible, that also the instance name is affected by the valueholders?
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Objective: Insert "return value" in the Generic Template (Decision Table) for "Action Cell Groups" in Dynamic Binding.   Situation: In a given decision table, there are two rules that are triggered in execution, the value received in the second rule is overwriting the value received in the first rule.   Difficulty: Add a return value, rule to… (Show more)
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