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Announcement 1 The FICO Community will be unavailable Thursday, June 21 starting @ 12pm PT
Announcement:The FICO Community will be unavailable Thursday, June 21 starting @ 12pm PT
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I try to deploy blaze application in java which is working in .net. So migrated code to server where Blaze advisor java 7.4 ans jboss 6.3 has been installed. Generated rule deployment by creating Rule service definition, Deployment definition and System definition. And while creating  system definition, vendor details: host as local host and as… (Show more)
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Please someone let me know whether i can create database business object model with sql server 2016. I have used below jdbc driver and database url with username and password.   jdbc driver - Database url - jdbc:sqlserver://;database=RHIHCSDB_Dev;integratedsecurity=true;   Even tried… (Show more)
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Co-author:   Terrific beaches in Valencia, Spain? Excellent wine and great food in Bordeaux, France? Or a soothing road-trip to Greenville, South Carolina? All of that combined with the latest and greatest research results in Mathematical Optimization?   That's right, three of the most important scientific conferences in… (Show more)
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I am creating a package. In this package, I need to first load a file:   ->   package test     declarations:   ! Raw variables to read the standard format for rate file RATE_I_SEGMENTS: set of string RATE_STARTDATEs: set of string RATE_ENDDATEs: set of string RATE_I_ARRAY: dynamic array (RATE_I_SEGMENTS, RATE_STARTDATEs,… (Show more)
Register Now: FICO | Complimentary Webinar Complimentary Webinar  Dan Vesset, IDC – Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management Todd Rollin, Director, FICO Decision Management Suite   By now, we’ve all heard about how the “digital transformation” is disrupting every aspect of our business operations and customer engagements. A…
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An industry standard developed, updated and maintained by the Data Mining Group, Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) brings the full power of predictive models to bear on decision making, while ensuring that those writing the rules can see and understand the workings of the predictive model. The ability to import tree ensemble models as PMML… (Show more)
Hi team, I downloaded the 90 day free trial of Balze advisor 7.5 (JAVA). But cant able to use that as it prompts that license is invalid. While verifying found that file is empty can anyone here please help me with this problem.
Hello,   I'm doing my thesis and for its resolution I use MINLP. But I have a problem.   Can you help me, please?   I need to determine the GAP value of my optimization. My objective function should minimize cost. Therefore I use "minimise (XPRS_BAR, Objective)".   Regards.   Diego J.
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Hi, Is there a standardized License key for 90 day Free Trial? I need one for Blaze Advisor7.1
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