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FICO Blaze Advisor   FICO Decision Modeler FICO DMN Modeler FICO Blaze Advisor, the world's leading business rules management system, free for 90 days!   Download and evaluate the software to see how easy it is to: Give business analysts the power to change the rules, without IT programming Build a single point of control for decisions made…
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We are looking for a feature comparison (technical and functional) between Blaze Advisor 6.10 and Blaze Advisor 7.3 (or 4). Thanks
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Historically, manufacturers have “looked to the past” to help predict what they need to do in the future. This would include basic business intelligence, powered by spreadsheets, and even manual processes. The challenge is that what will happen may be something outside of what the past can predicts – who, 25 years ago, would have considered the…
Hi:   I'm implementing B&Cut algorithm with BCL and C++. I understand that in xpress if a  a cut is added in a node, by default is a 'local cut' ( cuts will be respected only for the subtree below the current node). But, in my case I need to add global cuts, that is, cuts will be enforced for all nodes from then on... how can I do that?
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New Releases **New**  FICO Optimization Designer v1.1 Provides an integrated experience for developing optimization models, services and complete solutions in a web environment. This first version is available on cloud only, with an on-premises version following later this year. Key new features include: a high-performance web-based code editor,…
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Products User Focus Solutions   Optimization Products   FICO Xpress Optimization Suite FICO Optimization Modeler FICO Decision Optimizer   Business & Operations Teams Are you leading or working with in a line of business where optimization could help you drive more margin, solve a tough challenge, or generate customer satisfaction? Then…
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News & Announcements  Announcing the FICO Analytics Workbench May, 2017   The Analytics Workbench provides collaborative data exploration, visual data wrangling, decision strategy design, predictive modeling and advanced machine learning for teams of varying skill sets. Together, users will derive and publish powerful models to the Decision…
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