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Python Interface crashed when initializing OEM license

Question asked by tizianoparriani on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by tizianoparriani

I have Xpress solver, version 8.4.4, just installed on a Win machine from scratch. I did also


conda install -c fico-xpress xpress .


When I try to initialize the licence (as descripted in the software guide), the python kernel crashes after few seconds without any message in the log.


The code is the following. The point in which crashes is: xp.beginlicensing()


import xpress as xp


def InitOEMLicense():


    Set up OEM license


    oemnum = [oem license number]

    if (xp.beginlicensing()):

        str = ""

        n,str = xp.license(0,str)

        lic = oemnum - n*n//19

        n,str = xp.license(lic,str)






I tried copy pasting the .pyd file from the anaconda path to the xpressmp folder. The only thing that changes it that it says that beginlicensing require one argument, but then again, as soon as I pass an argument the kernel crashes with no message.


Thank you in advance,