Four Ways to Unlock the ROI of Collection Analytics

Created by Makenna.Brei Advocate on Sep 20, 2017

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Some debt collection organizations are already using scores or other predictive analytics to harness insights from their debtors’ behavior and improve collection performance. But the true potential of analytics remains untapped for most organizations. Why?

Register today and join us for an educational webinar designed to expand your knowledge about collection and recovery analytics and describe strategies to significantly increase the return-on-investment that you can get from your analytic investments.

In this webinar, we discuss four strategies to unlock the ROI of collection analytics, including how to:

  • Evolve beyond scores and predictive models to advanced prescriptive analytics and collection treatment optimization
  • Extend your analytic footprint throughout the debt collection lifecycle, into pre-delinquency and recovery efforts
  • Simulate the impact of new analytically-derived strategies before you implement them
  • Operationalize analytics in your debt management platform, and facilitate continuous improvement through champion-challenger testing.


About the Presenter:
Sonja Clark, Senior Consultant, Optimization Solutions, FICO

As a Senior Consultant for FICO Optimization Solutions, Sonja Clark partners with organizations to craft prescriptive analytic solutions to support responsible portfolio growth and management. Sonja has led collection analytics and optimization projects with Toyota Financial Services and other leading organizations and has become a popular speaker on these subjects based on her hands-on experience with these projects. Prior to joining FICO, she was a mathematical statistician for the US Census Bureau. Sonja holds an Applied Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Michigan.

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