Xpress Optimization Suite Fundamentals – London, UK

Created by Makenna.Brei Advocate on Jun 19, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at London, UK

Starts at 5:00 PM · Ends on Nov 25, 2017 at 1:00 AM, GMT (Etc/GMT)

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Delivery Method: Classroom, through lectures, hands-on labs and group discussions
Duration: 4 Days
Price: $3400 USD per person
Audience: Operational Research practitioners and/or optimization modelers
Prerequisites: None
Required Skills: Basic understanding of linear algebra and familiarity with standard Windows applications; some experience in programming development using JavaScript, C/C++, Java, .NET, or VB/VBA is required.

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Course Description: This course will familiarize attendees with optimization models and techniques, and the terminology used to describe them. Participants will gain an understanding of the Xpress suite, the Mosel modeling and programming language, and will get familiarized with Xpress-IVE. Furthermore, they will learn to implement optimization models and techniques using Xpress Optimization Suite through a series of projects that illustrate applications of the LP and MIP methods. Upon completion, participants will: be able to formulate, implement, and solve LP and MIP optimization models; understand problem solutions and analyze infeasible problems; know how to embed optimization models within an application/solution using software components of the Xpress Optimization Suite; understand how to solve goal programming problems; get acquainted with common standard model formulations; and know how to use Mosel language to implement heuristic algorithms.

Furthermore, this course introduces the participant to Optimization Modeler, a friendly web-based (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) GUI that interfaces with Mosel models. Using the View Definition Language (VDL) to create custom views and the JavaScript API to create complex custom views, the Optimization Modeler developer can enable the end user to configure optimization projects to investigate, analyze, and compare different scenarios.

Topics Day 1:

  • Introduction
    • Overview of Xpress Optimization Suite
    • Xpress-IVE demonstration
  • Linear Programming
    • Model development basics
    • Optimization and debugging
    • Basic concepts and solution techniques
    • Developing large scale models
  • Accessing Data Sources
    • Accessing text-based data sources
    • Accessing ODBC-based data sources
    • Data driven model files

Topics Day 2:

  • Mixed Integer Programming (MIP)
    • MIP formulation basics
    • Advanced MIP formulations
    • Basic concepts and solution techniques
  • Embedding Models in Applications
    • Introduction to the Mosel API

Topics Day 3

  • Advanced Modeling Topics
    • Infeasibility and goals
    • Using intermediate MIP solution
    • Implementing heuristics
    • Advanced model development
  • Advanced Topics – choose one from:
    • Advanced Embedding Topics (optional)
    • Mosel Debugger and Profiler (optional)
    • Mosel Distributed Framework Overview (optional)

Topics Day 4

  • Introduction to Optimization Modeler
    • Optimization Modeler overview
    • Optimization Modeler architecture
  • Optimization Modeler Web Client
    • Web Client overview
    • Optimization modeler application file structure
    • Uploading, loading, running, and managing projects
  • Adapting Mosel models to Optimization Modeler
    • Preparing an existing Mosel model for Optimization Modeler
    • Deploying the Mosel Model
  • The XML companion file
    • Purpose and schema
  • Custom views and visualizations
    • View Definition Language (VDL) features and tags
    • Custom views using Tableau Views (Tableau license required)

For more information or to register for this class please contact us