Xpress Update 8.5.1

Document created by zsoltcsizmadia@fico.com on May 25, 2018
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Xpress Update 8.5.1 is now available on Box.com for Windows, Linux and Mac, from




This is the latest update for the Xpress 8.5 release branch. Please note that it must be installed over a prior installation of FICO Xpress 8.5 and requires a valid Xpress 8.5 license.


Release Notes:


Xpress Optimizer 8.5.1 (33.01.03)



* Fixed a problem in which XPRSchgmqobj would not have scaled the loaded quadratic coefficients correctly.

* Fixed a problem in the quadratic simplex method that could have resulted in solutions being cut off in strong branching and single dual pivots.

* Symmetry detection will now take less time for problems including symmetries on continuous variables only.

* Fixed an internal consistency error that could be triggered when running parallel heuristics during the tree search.

* Tightening SOSREFTOL should no longer trigger an internal error from local search heuristics.


Xpress Optimizer 8.5.1 (33.01.03)



* Improved convergence criteria for mixed convex quadratic and nonlinear problems.