FICO Xpress Optimization Newsletter 3/2018

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Bring Your Own Solver to FICO Xpress Mosel


FICO Xpress Mosel, the market-leading analytic orchestration, optimization modeling, and programming language, is already FREE and OPEN. You can read the blog and the press release to learn how FICO is advancing the field of mathematical optimization.

FICO is now providing a simple mechanism to connect any solver to FICO Xpress Mosel via the AMPL NL interface. In our last release, we opened Xpress Mosel to connect to third-party solvers. Now, with the AMPL connector, you can connect your favorite solver to Xpress Mosel quickly and easily.

For those of you who prefer a tight integration and interaction between the modeling language and the solver, you can write an Xpress Mosel-specific connector for your solver of choice. FICO has set up a
GitHub repository to enable you, our community, to contribute your connectors.

FICO Xpress Optimization Documentation is Online


The FICO Xpress Optimization documentation is now more accessible and more easily searchable online. You can explore our documentation here to find installation guides, help for Xpress Insight, Xpress Solver, Xpress Executor and Xpress Workbench (which includes Xpress Mosel) and plenty of examples!


FICO Decision Optimizer 7.3


FICO recently released Decision Optimizer 7.3. You can read the release notes here. This release provides new functionality and improvements in reporting and scenario definition capabilities.

  • New standard reports
    • Penetration Table report – This report uses heat chart color coding to help the user identify segments where actions are more or less targeted in each scenario run.
    • Configuration report – This report provides the user with an overview of all configurations used in the selected scenarios, helping to confirm that the scenario results are a like-for-like comparison.
    • Action averages report – This Decision Optimizer 6 report content has been added to the Decision Optimizer 7 Outcome Report. This now includes a metric for the average value of each action included in the scenario.
  • Enhancements to reporting and segmentation
    • Segments based on actions and treatments - Users can now use action values and treatment IDs to support various segmentation schemes for use in reporting.
    • Population grouping within reports - Users can now use Tableau functionality to group actions or treatments in the tables in the Swap Set reports and the values will be correct.
  • Enhancements to scenarios
    • Selection of treatments at the scenario level - This new view allows the user to select which treatments should be included in each scenario to assess the impact of different selections.
    • Range constraints on exploratory optimization scenarios - This new option allows users to optimize across a range of possible constraint limits.
  • User experience enhancements
    • This creates more consistency with tables and table editing as well as fonts and spacing.


FICO Xpress Optimization at INFORMS


FICO is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2018 Informs Analytics Business Conference in Baltimore, MD from April 15th  to April 17th. We have a full agenda at the event:

Calling all OR Heroes: Learn how to model and deploy solutions in 75% less time with FICO® Xpress Insight
Presented by: Horia Tipi and Oliver Bastert
Date: Sunday April 15, 3-4:45pm

Join our hands-on workshop to learn how
FICO® Xpress Insight helps you read data in any format from any source, how it integrates with your own machine learning and solvers (or uses Xpress Solvers), and how it enables you to collaborate with your business users. You will learn how Xpress Insight deploys decision support or automated solutions and how it does it all in 75% less time.

  • This workshop will cover FICO Xpress Mosel, the premier mathematical modeling, analytic orchestration and programming language, and Xpress Insight.
  • Leveraging real business use cases, we will showcase how you can use your own solver/s to integrate with the powerful Xpress Insight platform.
  • We will also cover the open Xpress Mosel native solver interface, which empowers all solver developers, to extend Xpress Mosel within their own environment. It connects developers instantly with thousands of users.

All attendees will receive their complimentary license to FICO Xpress Optimization Community License

Technology Tutorial: How to deploy your ML and optimization models to empower non-technical business users
Presented by: Jim Williams
Date: Monday April 16, 1:50-2:40pm

You have a team with a great analytics background. They have developed advanced analytical tools using Python, R, or with your current optimization solver. They have derived crucial insights from your data, and they’ve figured out how your decisions shape your customers’ behaviors. Now it’s time to put these critical analytical insights into the hands of your non-technical business users.

In this tutorial, we will cover how
FICO Xpress Optimization (including Xpress Mosel, Xpress Workbench, and Xpress Insight) make it possible to embed your analytic models into business user-friendly applications. Learn how you can supercharge your analytic models with simulation, optimization, reporting, what-if analysis, and agile extensibility.

FICO is also a proud sponsor of the Honors Reception on Monday April 16th at 6pm as well as the 2018 Edelman Award Ceremony & Banquet at 7pm the same day. Make sure you stop by our booth #36 and #37 where you can win a mini-drone, Amazon gift cards and other prizes!


FICO Xpress Optimization Webinar Series


In February 2018, FICO launched a three-part webinar series to update you on the latest advancements from the FICO Xpress Optimization team. You can watch these webinars anytime via the links below. Registration for the webinar replays is required.

Webinar: Bridging the Gap between Analytic Concepts and Business Value
The latest innovations in FICO’s prescriptive analytic software & solutions
Watch the webinar

Webinar: Pattern Discovery Overview
Learn about a powerful new tool built on Xpress Insight to help you find patterns quickly and easily
Watch the webinar

Webinar: Using Prescriptive Analytics to Forecast More Effectively
Sharpen your forecasts with the FICO Forecaster Tool, also built on FICO Xpress Insight
Watch the webinar


FICO Xpress Optimization Community License Update


In the fall of 2017, we announced the freely available FICO Xpress Optimization Community License. The worldwide optimization community has responded with extraordinary interest. As of today, the Community License has been downloaded over five thousand times, by academic and commercial users from all the world - from the US and Chile, to Spain and Latvia, to India, China, and Australia. If you have not already done so, download the FICO Xpress Community License 8.4.4 today!


Follow Our New Product Releases Page


Would you like to be the first to know when new product releases are available? Follow our FICO Xpress Optimization Releases page on the FICO Xpress Optimization Community Site to receive automatic alerts. Today you can find the latest release notes for FICO Xpress Insight version 4.10, FICO Xpress Executor version 2.2.1, FICO Xpress Optimization Community License version 8.4.4 and FICO Decision Optimizer version 7.3.