Xpress Update 8.4.3

Document created by zsoltcsizmadia@fico.com on Dec 26, 2017
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Xpress Update 8.4.3 is now available on Box.com for Windows, Linux and Mac, from




This is the latest update for the Xpress 8.4 release branch. Please note that it must be installed over a prior installation of FICO Xpress 8.4 and requires a valid Xpress 8.4 license.


Release Notes:


Xpress-Optimizer 32.01.06:


* Fixed an issue making the problem inconsistent after deleting few quadratic variables.

* Fixed a potential issue in the function that translates a binary quadratic problem into a binary linear one.

* Fixed a memory leak in the modeling constructs of the Python interface.

* Fixed an issue that would prevent creation of a problem with rows and columns within the limits set by the Community license.

* Added missing method xpress.problem.nlpoptimize() to solve nonlinear optimization problems with the Xpress Python interface.

* Fixed an issue that could lead to a deadlock in the Python interface when using xpress.problem.mipoptimize() with callback functions.

* XPRSsetlogfile should now accept path names up to MAXPROBNAMELENGTH characters, as intended.


Xpress-Nonlinear 32.01.06:


* Added support for using XPRSaddcols64 and XPRSaddrows64 together with XSLP.