SPID – Strategic Portfolio ID

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Strategic portfolios are groups of customers or accounts that share common characteristics and can be managed collectively. Each group has an identification number called the Strategic Portfolio ID (SPID), and is the basis for reporting and allocating strategies within TRIAD. The term SPID refers both to the strategic portfolio and its identification number.

  • At the account level, SPIDs are usually assigned by product type. For example, personal credit cards, business credit cards, and demand deposit accounts are usually grouped into separate SPIDs.
  • At the customer level, SPIDs typically group customer type and product holdings (for example, customers holding credit cards and installment loans versus customers who hold credit cards and mortgages versus small businesses).
  • Define SPID assignment keys in a SPID Assignment Tree using criteria that determine which customers/accounts become assigned to each portfolio.
  • Each SPID can be configured with up to 10,000 sample groups, which may be used to assign new Strategies for Champion/Challenger Testing.
  • All standard TRIAD reports are sorted and totaled by SPID.
  • Estimator sampling factors for standard Estimator reports are assigned by SPID.