Core Technology Components

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FICO Xpress Optimization is made up of 4 core technology components:

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Xpress Insight

Supports the packaging and deployment of optimization models as FICO Xpress Solutions. It provides a host of supported features including scenario management, execution, data & file management, integration via APIs, user interface configuration, reporting & visualization, and data analysis. Supports the import, export and management of all types of FICO Xpress Solutions within the same environment.

Xpress Workbench

(includes Xpress Mosel)

FICO Xpress Optimization’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing optimization models, services and solutions. It provides a web-based collaborative code editor, syntax highlighting, code completion and folding, and contextual help for Xpress Mosel, VDL, XML, & R. Integration with Tableau® for FICO, facilitates drag and drop creation of visualizations, whilst a Xpress Tuner GUI supports tuning of optimization performance.


Xpress Workbench comes with Xpress Mosel, an algebraic modelling and procedural programming language specifically designed to interact with Xpress Solver engines. It contains drivers for various data and file formats, as well as APIs for connecting to Java, C/C++, .NET, VB, Java and other languages, as well as web services. Xpress Workbench also directly supports: Python, Matlab, & Xpress BCL.

Xpress Solver

Provides the widest breadth of industry leading optimization algorithms and technologies across 3 Modules:  

  • Optimizer – Simplex LP, Barrier LP, SOCP, MIP, QP, MIQP, QCQP, MIQCQP, MISOCP  
  • NonLinear – SLP and interior point methods for NLP and MINLP  
  • Kalis – Constraint programming solver

Xpress Executor

This component provides standalone support for optimization execution services. This executes Xpress Mosel models using the Xpress optimization engines.In addition to Xpress Mosel models, Xpress Executor can solve problems in the industry-standard MPS/LP formats. It provides SOAP and REST interfaces to be either used within FICO or external applications.

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