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FICO® Optimization Solutions for Supply Chain have helped businesses:

  • Deploy manufacturing optimization solutions 80% faster than before
  • Find the best choices among several million routing options in seconds
  • Consume complex spreadsheets, analytic tools and data into visually rich solutions in days or weeks
  • Efficiently optimize up to hundreds of millions of SKU level inventory decisions every day
  • Increase decision accuracy by 5% to 40% (depending on use case, available data and other constraints)


Optimizing supply chain strategies and network designs keeps getting harder, with persistent challenges from increasing customer demands, spiraling costs, disruptive competitors and multifaceted partnership and logistical options.

These complexities are magnified by the maze of ERP, analytics, Excel, BI and other tools required to manage everything from vehicle routing and fuel use to resource allocation and workforce schedules. When fast and accurate decisions are needed, your supply chain can break down in a sea of stalled IT requests, complex spreadsheets and myriad manual decisions.



Your challenges require smart automation to drive

greater speed and precision

Make faster, smarter decisions across the entire supply chain life cycle

Optimize the entire life cycle of supply chain decisions

Whether you’re looking to expand, drive a wedge between you and your competitors, or simply balance growth and cost, FICO® Optimization Solutions for Supply Chain can help. Available on-premises or in the cloud, our solutions deliver rapid, easy

and powerful creation, customization, deployment and management of optimized applications for supply chain and logistics businesses of all sizes.

FICO® Optimization Solutions for Supply Chain helps businesses dynamically and proactively manage all critical processes within your supply chain life cycle. They do this in two critical ways: by substantially reducing the time to develop and deploy optimized supply chain solutions by as much as 80%, while increasing visibility into every critical facet of your supply chain via dashboards and other visualization tools.

To enhance their supply chain performance, many businesses believe they either have to deploy niche solutions based on the specific challenge, or rip and replace their investments with a costly analytic platform, where ramp-up time and ROI could take years. Our solutions eliminate both of these bottlenecks by providing scalable cloud or on-premises solutions that can be up in running in two to three months, with almost immediate ROI — covering the entire gamut of supply chain decisions.



CASE STUDY: Nestle USA Applies Optimization Models to Save on Transportation and Production Costs

Case Study  |    Other Supply Chain information


As a subsidiary of the world’s largest food company, Nestlé USA is laser-focused on doing more with fewer resources and adopting highly efficient technologies and processes, including machine learning and prescriptive analytics.

With 64 brands consisting of numerous products in each brand, maximizing payload and minimizing transportation costs is an extremely complex problem – particularly when you factor in demand forecasts and current supply levels.

Nestlé USA turned to FICO® Xpress Optimization, a key offering within FICO® Decision Management Suite, to calculate the very best shipment combinations from millions of possibilities – leading to significant transportation cost savings over the past seven years.

They’ve also used Xpress to optimize redeployment of inventory from one distribution center to another – and even have developed an application to help their largest customers manage payloads.

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