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FICO Optimization Solutions for Marketing has helped businesses:

  • From 380 billion possible offers, choose best 20 for each customer
  • Increase response rates by 200%
  • Every day optimize 100M offers across 10M customers
  • Increase decision accuracy by between 5% and 40%
  • Reduce develop/deploy time by 80%



Unique capabilities for supporting large-scale optimization

Simulation, Scenario Planning & Reporting Capabilities

A Range of System Integration Capabilities

FICO Xpress Optimization includes a range of capabilities to solve ultra-large problems and support for distributed modelling and optimization, including:

  • A complete set of state of the art optimization engines
  • Easy to learn, powerful and flexible modelling and programming language
  • Support for a variety of decomposition methods and concurrent solving approaches, some of which are unique to FICO

FICO Xpress Insight module's adaptive user interface automatically presents the contents of an optimization model in business terms, ready for data explorations and what-if analysis. It allows businesses to deploy, manage, and understand optimization models as powerful, agile applications with no development effort to immediately enhance the decision making process via business user enablement, enhanced visualization and flexible scenario planning and management

FICO Xpress Optimization is available on all common platforms and provides a range of user / software interfaces including a visual development environment, callable library APIs in C, C++, VB, Java, .NET and standard command-line interfaces.The developed optimization model can be complied, is portable across all supported platforms, and can be used to protect your intellectual property on deployment.


CASE STUDY: Bank uses FICO optimization technology to increase marketing campaign effectiveness

Case Study | Other Marketing Examples


Overhaul existing marketing operations to deliver personalized marketing offers to millions of customers across multiple portfolios through a multitude of marketing channels.


Achieved increased cross-sell and up-sell through highly relevant and timely offers, realized savings by making better use of available marketing budgets and improved the customer experience by demonstrating true customer centricity and marketing at an individual level.

  • Increased up- and cross-sell results by double digits in the first year
  • Optimized 100M offers across 10M customers each day
  • The bank generates a pool of about 300 million offers per day, which is passed on to FICO’s optimization technology to help select the offers that maximize the bank’s objectives, and in turn, drive the best possible response and reduce losses.
  • Deliver targeted offers to millions of customers across multiple portfolios through various channels.
  • Run the program every night during a one-hour time slot, as part of a larger process

More Information:

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  • Webinar: Aligning risk constraints and marketing objectives
  • White Paper: 4 Essential components for large scale marketing campaign optimization
  • eBook: Optimize the Retail Bank Experience
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