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FICO Optimizations Solutions for Originations allows you to:

  • Find the most profitable origination decisions, such as price, amount and term to balance between conflicting business goals - maximizing revenue and minimizing losses
  • Eliminate the need for slow, incremental testing and begin executing your optimal strategies in days & weeks
  • Develop strategies based on an extensively researched model calibrated to your data
  • Design strategies with a transparent, easy to use interface so you can test and review how multiple scenarios will play out


Making the Right Decisions Every Time

Industry Leading Modelling Approaches

Streamlined System Integration

By offering each customer the appropriate package of credit, equipment, price or services, you can increase profitability without increasing acquisition expense. You can also find the right balance between risk and revenue to best meet your specific business needs. With FICO Xpress Optimization you can quickly adjust credit policies to respond to changing market dynamics.

  • Predictive & Prescriptive analytics are easily built into solutions
  • Focus on using “Action-Effect models” to assess the impact of different decisions on take-up and use of new facilities
  • Customer / Applicant Level Optimization – assess all possible decisions on each applicant individually, not each segment

FICO's Optimization Solutions for Originations can be easily integrated with FICO's origination applications, such as FICO Origination Manager. This can be through either using a decision tree strategy that allows credit decisions to be explainable or directly through APIs, so that the optimization seamlessly integrates with the origination decision


CASE STUDY: FICO® Optimization Solutions Streamline Customer Acquisition for Telecom Company Originations Case Study 1.PNG

Case Study | Other Originations & On-boarding Examples

A leading communication services company serving more than 50 million individual, business and government subscribers across the United States.


Optimize acquisition policies by offering new customers equipment and service packages tailored to individual credit risk.


Increased customer satisfaction and business profitability across all acquisition channels.

The telecom company has been pleased with the capabilities of the FICO software, and a close working relationship with FICO consultants has helped drive a rapid development cycle and successful implementation. A collaborative work style and deep understanding of client goals helped to keep the team aligned and on-schedule. Realizing the “depth of the bench” that FICO offers contributed to the speed of their success.

Bringing greater analytic insight into decisions about customer acquisition helps gain customers and build profitability over time. With a fast, accurate optimization solution in place, they’re better able to adjust credit policies quickly to respond to changing marketplace dynamics and meet twin goals of superior customer satisfaction and corporate profitability. Customers are at the heart of their decision-making, and FICO solutions help the company optimize credit policies so they can make the right offer to the right customer every time.


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