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FICO® Optimization Solutions for Transportation & Logistics has helped businesses:

  • Deploy transport & logistics optimization solutions 80% faster than before
  • Find good solutions faster than ever, and solve harder problems than previously possible
  • Quickly turn business requirements into user-facing business solutions
  • Rapidly evolve solutions over time for changing business requirements — with reduced dependence on IT
  • Supercharge your other core and analytics solutions — no need to “rip and replace” to accelerate business
  • Embed your unique requirements in the solution — not what a software vendor decided



Make faster, smarter decisions no matter the Transportation & Logistics problem

Solve your hardest problems faster

Evolve your solutions at the speed of your business

Available on-premises or in the cloud, FICO® Optimization Solutions for Transport & Logistics help users dynamically and proactively design and plan different processes - whether depot location, local & national routing, gate/door allocation, personnel management, etc.

The key to getting ahead within transportation & logistics is finding ways to leverage your growing and decentralized data sources in order to make better, faster and more accurate decisions about routes, locations, assets and personnel.

FICO® Optimization Solutions enable modelers to develop the interface alongside the model and user feedback process, accelerating prototypes and enabling continuous improvement.



CASE STUDY: Southwest Airlines increases on-time flight performance by 10-15 percent using FICO optimization

South West case study | Other Transportation & Logistics Examples


Southwest Airlines has achieved extraordinary results in improving flight on-time performance using FICO optimization in their Baker Airline Operations Recovery Optimizer tool, winning the 2016 FICO Decisions Award for Decision Management Innovation.

  • Since the project’s inception, on-time performance is 10-15 percent higher on days with irregular operations compared to similar events in the past, and total on-time performance is more than 2 percent higher over the past year.
  • The air carrier has experienced significant cost savings and customer satisfaction has improved during irregular operations as on-time performance improved and flight diversions, tarmac delays, and crew changes declined.
  • This project has supported the company’s goals and philosophies related to passenger hospitality, operational performance and maintaining a low-cost business model.
  • Southwest Airlines serves 100 million customers annually with more than 3,900 daily departures during peak travel season across a network of 101 destinations in the United States and eight additional countries.
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